What is a Holi Party?

Holi Party is a popular spring party in India that aims to cover people in color as much as possible.

During the party, the participants throw powders of different colors into the air and over their friend and themselves while they dance to the beat of the music.

A fun battle full of colors, water and music with a spectacular, magic and unforgettable visual effect.

During the party there are several “Holi moments” when a countdown tells the participants the moment in with they are to throw their powders in the air.

How to prepare a Holi Party?


1. Choose a place outdoors.

2. The number of people will depend on the organization and the maximum number of people allowed into the place. The more people, the more amazing the visual effect will be.

3. It is advisable that the party is carried out when the weather is warm.

4. These powders are easy to clean but anyway we suggest a powder test is made on the surfaces of the place.


1. Every participant must have powder bags of different colors. During the party there are several “Holi moments” (between 4 or 6) where everyone throws powder to one another, all at once. Can be in the air, or to other people.

2. Participant must wear white clothes and preferably old, given that the purpose of the party is to be covered in color as much as possible. The organization can give the participants a white t-shirt as a commemorative present.

3. It is recommended to wear sunglasses or goggles and to cover the hair with some kind of hat, cap, wig or a scarf…the organizer could offer these accessories as a present to liven up the party.